Thursday, July 30, 12-2pm

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Visions of Strike U Town Hall

In this week's VISIONS OF STRIKE U, we will continue the conversations we began in the last session about the relationship between Strike U and COLA, begin to craft a narrative for public circulation about Strike U - about where we began, what our successes and challenges have been, and our vision for how best to move forward.


The people’s university. 
Think tank for resistance movements 
Training school for a new generation of university labor organizers.

About the strike


Public education free and accessible for everyone - without student debt.
Critical thinking and skills - not bound to the imperatives of the market.
Communities of care and shared struggle - not competition for grades & grants.
Brilliance - without ‘experts’.

Learn your power to organize personal and social transformation.
Decolonize, democratize, queer, and abolish the university.