Wed, June 24 
10:00am – 12:00pm
2:00pm - 4:00pm

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UC-AFT Barganining Session

Hosted by University Council - AFT, union representing Non-Senate Faculty and Librarians of the University of California

We’re bargaining for #FacultyEquity and #StudentSuccess! All teaching faculty members, students and allies are encouraged to join the session this Friday via Zoom. Please sign up at: - Pull up to support our all-volunteer table team and to find out whether we can reach a short-term contract that provides job security for pre-six lecturers. #WeTeachUC #FairContractNow #SolidarityDefeatsPrecarity

UC-AFT is negotiating over our main contract, the effects of COVID-19, and the effects of the COLA strike. In keeping with our dedication to democratic unionism, our bargaining sessions are open to all dues-paying UC-AFT members and other community members. We welcome students, senate faculty, and UC union allies. If you're a UC-AFT faculty member who has not yet joined UC-AFT, please submit the quick and easy form at before attending bargaining.

We can't accurately predict what will be on the agenda for any given session, it will be related to our core demands of career pathways for teaching faculty, fair compensation that encompasses all the work we do (including converting to online classes), ensuring the health and safety of students and faculty, and providing the resources we need to keep teaching at our usual high level of excellence.


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