Session #2: Monday October 11 @ 4:00pm

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FALL 2021 UAW disOrientation Series

Join us for a series of trainings and teach-ins on the history of UAW2865, the graduate student workers union.

session #3: TBA, Nov
Anti-Blackness in the UAW, with Sheila Kulkarni

session #2: Monday, October 11 @ 4pm
UAW History, with Duane Wright
What is a union? Is it just a legal, financial, and bureaucratic thing? Or is the union simply every time the rank-and-file members act collectively in class struggle? These questions will be at the heart of our examination of the history of UAW 2865, from before it was founded to the present, and the struggle within it between opposing visions of unionism.

Duane Wright is a PhD candidate in the Sociology department at UC Davis. His dissertation examines how the structures of unions can help or hinder social movement activity, through the lens of two case studies - the Seattle 2013 MAP test boycott and the UCSC wildcat COLA strike of 2019-2020.

session #1: Mon Sep 13 @ 5:30pm
alternate UAW orientation training led by members of UC Davis’ RAFA caucus


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