Thursday, June 11th
10:00 - 11:00 am

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Strike-U: Scores For Selfcare


The scores will be recorded and uploaded on Thursday morning:

Highbrow and home
Drawing and smelling
You are glad I did not say a banana

Facilitators: Sarah Miller, Rehata Zacarias, Maurice Moore, Julia Houk, Kevin Dockery, and Caro Novella

Bio: These scores have been created within a class/lab on socially engaged performance at UC Davis, and collectively crafted and contributed to the ongoing efforts of Strike University.

Description:We are a community of learners interrogating what it means to create togetherness in times of stagnation and isolation (covid-19). We are offering practices to explore sensory experience and grounding that center around smelling, tasting, drawing, and slowing down. We are doing this as a means to hold spaces of joy, pleasure, collective care and deep attention and to help us stay present in our current surroundings, particularly acknowledging the way in which systemic racism and violence is erupting. Therefore, we chose scores that are supportive of a gentle engagement with self and the social atmosphere.

While these scores can be done independently, some benefit from being shared. Feel free to share or do them with anyone who will enjoy them.

Bring an orange, some paper and pens/pencils, and a blanket you love!


Drawing materials--markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens
Masking tape (optional)
Something to smell
An orange (or whatever citrus is on hand)
A favorite blanket


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