Monday, April 6th
3:00 - 4:00 pm

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Strike Syllabus Week 2 

A teach-in by Eugene Riordan and Thomas Franke (UCSB)

Description of Strike Syllabus

We are creating our Strike Syllabus as a resource for TAs and instructors looking to incorporate COLA-relevant material into their presentations to undergraduates. They are intended to be 10-15 minute mini-presentations that inform undergraduates not only about COLA, but about the structural forces that have brought us to our current moment of online learning and undercompensated university labor. Such factors include the neoliberal university, disaster capitalism, and police on university campuses. We will also be presenting lessons on the forms of resistance that have - and can - be used to resist these forces. These will include lessons covering moments of protest and activism at UCSB, mutual aide movements, and labor strikes.

For all strike syllabus teach-ins, go to the “Cola in Class” page.

Week 2: History of California Bullshittery: Underfunding Public Education & the Housing Crisis

Week 2’s presentation takes us away from the ongoing spectacle of COVID-19 and asks the question: What is the COLA movement responding to? A cost-of-living adjustment’s intent has been to address the housing crisis that grad students have been facing in California. This crisis is not new, and as a product of several historical moments that continue to exacerbate the crisis in the current moment. The presenters, Thomas (he.him) & Eugene (he.him), will be going through California’s Master Plan for Education and Prop 13 to show how they converge in the present. The presenters will be giving an extended lecture to show how California’s housing crisis doesn’t just affect grad students, and a COLA4ALL is sorely needed to disrupt the displacement of vulnerable communities and the artificial inflation of housing prices.


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