Monday, June 1st
2:00 - 3:00 pm

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Strike Syllabus Week 10

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Strike Syllabus Week 10: “One Way or Another, One Day We'll All Wear Masks” - Mutual Rage and Mutual Aid

Week 10’s presentation takes the rage of the moment, through the large topics we’ve been working, and revisits the ways that mutual aid can be deployed to work against systems of violence and oppression. If we take seriously that this moment can be one of transformative change, then our prerogative is to imagine the change we want to see, for equity and social justice, for thriving communities and against discrimination of all forms, and to work to bring that vision into the world. The presenters, Thomas (he.him) & Eugene (he.him), will briefly recap the course to this point, update certain topics with contemporary news items, and then enumerate on the ways that austerity and capitalism are combining to further entrench existing power structures. They will end by pointing out how mutual aid and community work are the ways forward in this pandemic (along with crises of other sorts), and gesture to ways that radical hope gives us a framework for response and action.


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