Strike Syllabus Week 1

A teach in by Eugene Riordan and Thomas Franke (UCSB)

Description of Strike Syllabus

We are creating our Strike Syllabus as a resource for TAs and instructors looking to incorporate COLA-relevant material into their presentations to undergraduates. They are intended to be 10-15 minute mini-presentations that inform undergraduates not only about COLA, but about the structural forces that have brought us to our current moment of online learning and undercompensated university labor. Such factors include the neoliberal university, disaster capitalism, and police on university campuses. We will also be presenting lessons on the forms of resistance that have - and can - be used to resist these forces. These will include lessons covering moments of protest and activism at UCSB, mutual aide movements, and labor strikes.

Week 1: COLA, COVID-19, and Community in the Classroom

Week 1’s presentation is meant to situate COLA within our current moment of the COVID-19 global health pandemic. It is also meant to be a re-introduction to COLA for students who might not have heard of it extensively, and to demonstrate how COLA is responding and engaging with larger crises and encouraging community in uncertain times. The presenters, Thomas (he.him) & Eugene (he.him), will be giving an extended-length lecture in order to give enough background material to instructors to be able to talk at length with their students. They will also be demonstrating how to personalize the lesson to particular situations, to pedagogically demonstrate social welfare and the types of community care the COLA movement is working to address.


The people’s university. 
Think tank for resistance movements 
Training school for a new generation of university labor organizers.

About the strike


Public education free and accessible for everyone - without student debt.
Critical thinking and skills - not bound to the imperatives of the market.
Communities of care and shared struggle - not competition for grades & grants.
Brilliance - without ‘experts’.

Learn your power to organize personal and social transformation.
Decolonize, democratize, queer, and abolish the university.