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Thu May 28 3:30p-4:30p PST

Scores for Selfcare: Modern Movement

Being Where You Are, Creating Where You Are


Facilitated by: Isa Leal
Facilitator Bio: Isa (she/they) is a latinx performing artist and somatic researcher who has worked for over a decade with movement/dance modalities and experimental theatre techniques that promote self reflection. Through her developing methodology, Dialoguing theUnconscious, and her Ph.D research, she is investigating the question: How do we share/acknowledge knowledge that can’t (in a“regular” way) be seen? She is deeply invested in pre-colonized ways of knowing.

Workshop Details: Celebrate Pride with Isa Leal and the LGBTQIA+ ResourceCenter at UC Davis! Through meditation, mindfulness, and embodied creativity techniques, participants will be offered tools to support the expression of their personal narratives through dance. Let’s connect with our bodies and minds through modern movement.

*No dance experience necessary. If possible, please have enough floorspace cleared in a room a minimum of 4x8 feet or feel free to practice outside"


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