This event was recorded on
Wednesday, April 8th

Scores for Self-care

by Carolina Novella and Anuj Vaidya (UC Davis)

This weekly offering is an embodied practice for self-care, so we can show up with more energy for our communities and our labors of love. Teaching/learning and activism can be as exhausting, as much as they can be replenishing. They require that we not only take care of the physical body through which this work is done, but also to the mind and spirit, which nourish our commitments and desires. It is also very important that we integrate body/mind/spirit, and that we connect to the place we are in – always, but especially during the stressful and uncertain times that we find ourselves in now. This week, we will lead you through an embodied visualization/meditation/movement practice that is inspired by Natasha Myer's 'Kriya For Your Inner Plant'. The session will be pre-recorded and made available via Strike U on Wednesday morning. We will bring you a different practice every week, scores for self-care that build into a symphony.

The work of activism can be exhausting. This workshop is offered as a gift to those on the frontlines of organizing the COLA Strike, an opportunity to re-energize oneself through an embodied meditation/visualization practice.

Carolina Novella and Anuj Vaidya are graduate students in Performance Studies at UC Davis. Their work is invested in building community and addressing community needs through art as social practice.

Image Credit: Travis Bedel, Anatomical Collage

This event was recorded
Friday, April 17th

Scores for Selfcare: Activating Our Gooey Bodies

Facilitators: Kevin O’ Connor

Bio: Kevin O’Connor is a multidisciplinary artist working as a choreographer, dancer, improviser, circus artist and installation artist from Ontario, Canada and now based in the Bay area. He is involved in a decade-long artistic collective exploring participatory de-colonizing performances within polluted watersheds in Ontario, and his research examines anatomies, body performance capacities, interventions and imaginations in relation to science studies, including the material-bio-cultural tissue called fascia.

Workshop Description: We start this practice with imagining becoming a plume of smoke (I learned this practice from Wolastoqey Indigenous dancer Ivanie Aubin-Malo who transmitted the Fancy Shawl dance to a group of us). We will then play with jiggling, shaking and swiping the body (thinking with activating the interconnective tissue).  We will activate our gooey bodies (dance improviser Ray Chung taught me this). Finally, we will attend to our "midline of well being." This practice comes from my own training in biodynamic craniosacral practice (a touch-based somatic practice that emerges out of the osteopathy lineage).

This event was recorded on
Thursday, April 23rd

Scores for Selfcare: Cultivating Delight

Facilitator: Margaret Kemp

Bio: Margaret Kemp is Associate Professor of Theater and Dance at UC Davis. Her performance practice questions how systems of scientific and social engineering manipulate voice, breath, flesh, communities and the natural world.

Workshop Description: In this practice-based workshop, we will explore physical approaches to cultivating delight in the present. Delight here is not so much a synonym for hope or for resolution, but a momentary opening allows us to breathe, to counter the stress and grief of the present, and to engage the 'other' ways of being that continue to persist in this world.

For the workshop: Ideally, you will be dressed to move, have room to lie down (using a yoga mat or blanket), and have access to paper and colored pencils or crayons or anything to color with.

“But in the process of thinking about it, I have really been thinking that joy is the moments — for me, the moments when my alienation from people — but not just people, from the whole thing — it goes away. And it shrinks. If it was a visual thing, everything becomes luminous. And I love that mycelium, forest metaphor, that there’s this thing connecting us. And among the things of that thing connecting us is that we have this common experience — many common experiences, but a really foundational one is that we are not here forever.”
- Ross Gay, Poet


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