Wednesday, May 6
4:00 – 6:00pm

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Pro-Indigenous STEM4COLA

Facilitators: Collette Roberto, UCB Ph.D. student in Computer Science Education (she/her/hers); Adrian Davey, UCB Ph.D. student in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (he/him/his) [with support from Marcelo Garzo Montalvo and Katie Latimer]

Description: Science is principled by how we collect and metabolize ‘knowing’—but why have certain modes of knowing been minimized, attacked, and erased?  In this collaborative program, we first address the emergence of Westernized institutions in the 16th century and establish a historical context for the ways in which epistemicide frames Westernized science.  Secondly, we interrogate the current moment: the triangulated nature of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) belief systems and the role of STEM in the neoliberal project.  Through a pro-Indigenous framework that weaves together different modes of knowing, we aim to disrupt the Westernized institution and reimagine a STEM network divested from traditions of racialized, gendered, classed, and spiritual harms.


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