Tuesday, April  7th
3:00 - 4:30 pm

RSVP : bit.ly/StrikeUAmazon

Faculty Teach-In: 
Building solidarity with Amazon warehouse workers:Supply chain organizing & the Covid-19 crisis

Facilitated by Dr. Charmaine Chua, Professor UCSB Global Studies

Toilet paper and face mask shortages. Store closures. Empty grocery shelves.  Covid-19 has laid bare the vulnerabilities of supply chain capitalism as a whole, but it has been a boon for Amazon. As middle-class Americans self-isolate and turn to online marketplaces for life's essentials, Amazon has kept its 110 US warehouses open amidst an unprecedented surge in online orders, putting its delivery drivers and warehouses workers at enormous risk to to the virus. Amidst all this, Amazon workers are fighting back. Amazonians United, a network of Amazon warehouse and delivery workers, are currently engaged in a mass Covid-19 organizing drive. Thousands of Amazon workers are signing a national petition across the country to fight for hazard pay, sick leave, and a safer workplace.

This Strike University session combines a teach-in on the rise of just-in-time logistics with a training session for volunteers to reach out to Amazon workers and connect them to fellow warehouse workers who are organizing their workplaces.


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