Creative Office Hours in Arabic

Bio: Tory Brykalski is Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at UC Davis. Her teaching practice questions how to fuck with time and labor in contexts of authoritarian governance.

Image: Karim Qabrawi, from the Climate Change Dictionary

Description: Creative Office Hours in Arabic is a weekly experiment in public education hosted by Strike University. It gathers youth, workers, refugees, militants, and front line health care workers from around the world to discuss solidarity, care, and the cosmopolitical.

This week, we will be joined by Osama and Aisha, two parents from Syria who were also leaders in Daraya's underground library project ( Forcibly displaced and threatened with violence and detention, Osama and Aisha will share stories about wartime libraries, militancy, and collaborative study. Together, we will think across English and Arabic about Ramadan and fasting, the purpose and function of education at the end of the world, and what solidarity looks like. Come with questions about Syria, Lebanon, Europe's refugee crisis, Ramadan, or public education (as understood by people turned into refugees).

We are also translating the Asian American Feminist Collective's zine, "Care in the Time of Coronavirus" from English to Arabic (see and enjoy the zine here:

This workshop is open to all.


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