COC teach in

"Cops off campus fall teach in! Learn what Abolition means, and why all our freedom dreams make the abolition of the police possible and necessary.
. Image description: white poster with black text that reads: “cops off campus fall teach in: A broad overview of the history of policing in the United States, tracking its trajectory from colonialist night watches and slave patrols to the current apparatus of hyper-militarized force. All sessions at 11am PSR. Register at — we will do our best to accommodate all access needs - please indicate during registration. “


The people’s university. 
Think tank for resistance movements 
Training school for a new generation of university labor organizers.

About the strike


Public education free and accessible for everyone - without student debt.
Critical thinking and skills - not bound to the imperatives of the market.
Communities of care and shared struggle - not competition for grades & grants.
Brilliance - without ‘experts’.

Learn your power to organize personal and social transformation.
Decolonize, democratize, queer, and abolish the university.