Recorded, Tuesday, July 21, 4 pm



A Discussion of Anti-Blackness in UAW 2865

"In this discussion, we will go over the UAW 2865 Executive Board's statement after the murder of George Floyd calling for UC to demilitarize its police department, increase admission & retention of Black students, and prioritize the health, safety, and economic wellbeing of its workers and students of color.
This statement is contextualized with the history of Black member-led organizing within UAW 2865. This includes the formation of a Black Interests Coordinating Committee and an Anti-Oppression Committee. These groups spearheaded calls to demilitarize UC's police department and for the AFL-CIO to disaffiliate from police unions.
Finally, we will discuss how to move forward in addressing the historical anti-Blackness in UAW 2865, centering anti-racism in our organizing, and rebuilding trust with members.

Further reading & references:
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1. 06-04-20 E-Board Statement, “Say Their Names
2. About Our Union
3. 2015 Statement on AFL-CIO and Police Contracts (no longer exists on UAW 2865 website)

UAW 2865 Call-Ins:
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2. India Pierce, UC San Diego, “An Open Letter to UAW 2865” and “Ruminations on My Open Letter

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